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Building sustainable and resilient heritage

Rocket Science has been appointed to conduct a longitudinal study of 14 heritage projects across the UK on the impact of two grant programmes.  These funds are designed to support nascent projects develop their ideas and approach (up to £10,000) or provide a dedicated investment (up to £100,000) to support existing grant-holders manage a process of transition and/or transformation.   In both cases, the focus of the grants is to build the capability and capacity of organisations to support their sustainability and resilience.

We are conducting a series of interviews and consultations with a diverse mix of projects over a 12 – 18 month period to capture their journeys as they spend their grant and realise the benefits of that investment.  As much of this is around organisational change, we have deployed a ‘distance travelled’ tool to capture behavioural changes, based on our 15 indicators of organisational sustainability.  These were designed as part of our larger evaluation on Supporting Change and Impact for the Big Lottery Fund back in 2013 and based on our organisational strengths assessment tools.

Through study visits, interviews, desk research and the tool, we are creating a series of project studies to inform the heritage and wider funding sector on how funding has been used, its impact and broader learning on what works or what doesn’t when working towards sustainability.


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