/ Values

We help clients think about where they want to go and how they want to get there, and in our work we try to provide them with the insights and recommendations they need to act. We are able to set every task in context and draw on a wide range of frontline experience of what works.

Our values guide the way we work and the way we develop as a company.

Making a difference
We have a strong commitment to making a real difference in everything we do; helping clients and other practitioners to achieve their objectives and build their own capacity for excellence.
Social justice
We work with clients who are committed to contributing to social justice throughout society by supporting the most disadvantaged people to have positive and satisfying life chances through guidance, information, sharing learning and creating access to sustainable and satisfying work.
One of our greatest values to clients is their confidence in our integrity in all our dealings with them and with those that they work with.
Learning and sharing
We are an innovative and creative company with a strong commitment to learning, developing new approaches, and sharing these generously with our clients.
We are committed to creating the right conditions for transferring skills and knowledge within Rocket Science and to communities, creating lasting value for our clients and developing our own people.
Supportive and collaborative
We work across our company in a highly supportive and collaborative way and in doing so produce better work and ideas for our clients. Similarly, we feel we are of greatest value when we work with – and not just for – our clients.
We really enjoy working together and working with clients we respect. We know we work best when we enjoy what we do.