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Clare is an experienced project manager and policy analyst, with an economics background. At Rocket Science she manages and contribute to a range our consultancy projects. Clare is involved in a range of impact analysis and evaluation projects, as well as organisational governance, structure and management projects. 

Clare is experienced and qualified in quantified economic and social impact analysis, as well as the development of Business Cases using the UK Government Better Business Cases framework.

Before joining Rocket Science in 2015, Clare was at the New Zealand Treasury as an economic, fiscal and policy analyst working on environmental and energy management including:

  • Quantitative analysis on the New Zealand electricity market to identify potential market failures
  • Advising agencies and Ministers on a number of capital business cases (similar to the UK Better Business Cases), with experience in ICT and bespoke biosecurity laboratories
  • Analysing and advising Ministers on regulatory regimes and government services that impact on environmental management, energy, biotechnology, conservation, and land and spatial data
  • Assessing and advising agencies and Ministers on financial and non-financial performance, agency management and Government Budget decision

Recent projects include

  • Social impact analysis of The Yard Scotland, a charity that provides safe play spaces and respite for children and young people with disabilities
  • Impact analysis of Shelter’s BGET debt advice service
  • Impact analysis for NHS 24 on their new online Info for Me service
  • Evaluation and impact analysis of the Cyrenians FareShare programme to understand the impact that the volunteering and support service has on vulnerable adults
  • Cost benefit analysis impact analysis of employability services in Brighton and Hove to understand the economic impact of a programme to increase the number of apprenticeships for the Brighton and Hove Council
  • Benefit modelling of long term unemployment in Dundee to understand the economic and fiscal impact of reducing the duration and incidence of long term unemployment for the Dundee Employability Partnership
  • Evaluation of the Guided Self Help programme in Argyll and Bute to understand the impact of the support for clients with common mental health problems for NHS Highland
  • Evaluation of the Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries programme to understand the impact of the Information and Support Services at the Glasgow Libraries for clients who are affected by Cancer.
  • Delivering the Village SOSprogramme in Scotland which provides targeted support to rural community projects with a focus on community to community mentoring
  • Developing a stronger preventative approach to employability in Dundee
  • Supporting the Perth and Kinross Strategic Interventions application to the Scottish Government for ESF funding for employment and social inclusion services.

Qualifications and training:

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration in Public Policy and Economics (1st class honours in Public Policy), University of Victoria Wellington
  • Manchester New Economy Cost Benefit Analysis Training, 2016
  • Social Return on Investment Practitioner training – Social Value UK, 2016
  • APMG Better Business Cases Foundation Course, 2016
  • APMG Better Business Cases Practitioner Course, 2016.

Clare's little weaknesses:

  • Mars Bar ice creams - potentially the key reason for Clare's migration from New Zealand
  • Shoes - particularly boots - you should see the collection of shoes under her desk at work
  • Bad reality TV 

Senior Consultant

  • 0131 226 4949
  • Edinburgh

Areas of Expertise

  • Employability and Skills
  • Health and Social Care
  • Rural Development
  • Economic impact analysis - including cost benefit analysis
  • Social impact analysis - including social return on investment analysis
  • Business Cases